Stanley 78 Planes

Once the shoe makes contact with the arched portion of the main casting, lava dating service the desired depth has been reached. The screws that hold the nose piece in place are countersunk so that they don't interfere with the plane's cutting action. Bottom and sides have been ground flat and square. The wood often becomes all beat to hell or split from years of hard floor scraping.


The blade is normally fixed into the holder so that the blade's cutting edge is parallel with the casting's leading edge. These grooves are engaged by a tacky-looking pressed steel lever, which regulates the iron's set. Ergonomics wasn't invented yet to help this thing be user-friendly.

Stanley 78 Planes

How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

Stanley Planes Model Number Reference

The chunk of wood helps to dampen the blade as you pull the tool toward you. Stanley claimed that this rabbet cut was particularly useful for installing the weatherstripping on the lock jamb and the head of the door. Also check the lower piece where the adjusting screw engages as it buttresses the cutter's carrier. Nickel plated cast iron, used for marking rabbet jams, thickness of butts, mortises and marking, plus for squaring the edge of a butt hinge. It's a very difficult plane to describe how it's used in words, but I'll take a stab at it.

The mind goes apoplectic when pondering why Stanley didn't offer a corrugated version of this one - wow, imagine what one would be worth if they had? The head of each screw bears down upon the cutter - one screw forward of the cutter, and one behind the cutter - driving the cutter against the machined area in the main casting. However, the blade can be pivoted somewhat by turning the wood block toward one side and then tightening it. Anyone out there have a surviving relative who once labored in the weatherstripping trade what won't mind your checking their meathooks? The first model has the lever cap screw on the face opposite the turned knob.

In fact, the only part you can snarf from this plane to use on others is the iron. The earlier models have a semi-circular cutout on the top of the plane, between the two cutters. No hollow grind from a machine for this blade, it had a bevel flat as glass, honed to the correct angle, safe dating definition and carefully sustained by a practiced hand of another time. Check out inthewoodshop on YouTube! The lever cap pivots on a pin that is fastened to the steel sides.

Stanley 78 Plane

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The fence is carried by two arms each of which screws into the main casting. Each stop has a groove milled toward its end with a piece of wire bent around and into the groove to increase the diameter of the stop, making it difficult for it to slip out of the fence. Forget it as a user tool, since it's garbage. Thankfully, myself dating the last of the aluminum abberations. One would likely be bent over somewhat to use this thing and I suspect workmen's compensation would go bankrupt if there ever were a wave of floor planing with this thing.

  1. This rod controls the tool's depth of cut as the cutter is adjusted deeper.
  2. While yard sales and live auctions may still be the best way to find a bargain, the odds are against you when it comes to finding the elusive Stanley No.
  3. The tshoe is then slipped onto the rod over the large diameter so that the shoe is above the arched portion of the main casting.
  4. The attachment could be bought separately, but it seems that not too many guys bought them as they aren't that numerous.
  5. Many of the brass nuts are munged from use.

Re Dating Stanley 78 planes

To accomodate these two changes, the turned knob was moved to a position slight lower on the clamping mechanism and the lever cap screw was repositioned to the same face as the turned knob. When it arrived I took stock of what I had. The knob and tote are beech, and each is held to the main casting with a one-piece steel screw, and not the two-piece brass nut and bolt that's used on the common bench planes. The source of these brass planes is from the many patternmakers who made copies of ones they borrowed.

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  • The plane has a rather strange casting for the integral handle - a web-like portion can be found at the bottom of each side of the handle.
  • The first model also uses a captive lever cap and a round brass thumb screw to secure the iron.
  • It permits consistency from cut to cut, which would be difficult to achieve were the rod not provided.
Stanley Planes Model Reference Number

Check that the receiver isn't damaged where it pivots about the rod - it can crack or break out there. Corrugated bottom preferred by some for working on soft woods. The thumb screw is not on the pivoting lever cap but is located behind the cutter.

Stanley No. 78 instructions

There are two lugs cast into the top section under which the lever cap fits. There are two positions on which the cutter can be attached to the main casting. It is short, inexpensive, and leaves nothing to the imagination. If you ever stumble across one of these planes, don't bother trying to lap it, ok?

General purpose bench plane, dating different great for small projects. It has a captive pivoting lever cap that is activated by a thumb screw to secure the blade into place. Most have been replaced by modern electric tools.

The stops of this plane have a different treatment to them than the does. Has your wife ever asked you what you are going to do will all of those planes? Instead, the lever cap is a japanned cast iron piece that is activated by thumb screw.

The cutter is secured to the main casting via a plunger-like rod that's activated by the large thumb screw just forward of the grip. There is no spur on the left of the plane. The earliest models have polished brass on all but the two cast iron pieces, but the later ones are finished with nickel plating. Used in the work shop and home.

Early in I started pulling pictures and listings for the highest sale price for all Stanley planes. Curiously, Stanley chose to slap a red label on the box for this tool instead of the common green label that was in widespread use when this plane was manufactured. Stanley made this one deep enough so that the plane could be stored assembled. The plane is japanned with its sides machined flat.

There is also a small cotter pin that fits through the rear arm. The surest way to tell is by looking at the iron where it bulges out near its cutting edge. You don't want this plane for working. The cutter rests on a simple fin-like projection that arises out of the main casting. An extremely accurate edge rabbet plane, used to work a rabbet up to corner.

Thus, some genius at Stanley, Rule and Level, Co. The runner locking mechanism is a bit different in that it is a pivoting piece of metal that swings into place to engage a hook-like projection on the runner. This plane follows that same course. Several other manufacturers made a tool that looks practically identical to this one.

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