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The third coin doubles the wins for sevens, except it also qualified the player for the progressive jackpot for three sizzling sevens. It was late at night and they were retrieving money from the video slot machines. Destination Expert for Detroit, London. Mary from San Gabriel, California. Destination Expert for Las Vegas.

Psychological studies have proven that people are far more likely to gamble more with a ticket or chips, as opposed to cash. Thus, the return is the same regardless of the number of coins played. These machines do not pay out in cash.

Others have asked me if invoking the state Freedom of Information Act. The ways these games are programmed is to give the player a slightly higher return on each additional coin bet. They are not required to release payback statistics about their machines. It would also be bad business, and time consuming, to loosen and tighten the slots like a yo-yo. They will analyze your play, movement, likes, dislikes, and betting patterns to determine how best to market themselves to you so that you return.

2. Some slots pay out more than others

These figures reflect the average percentage returned by each casino for all of their electronic machines including slot machines, video poker, video keno, etc. No previous events impact future events.

Maryland has five casinos that are allowed to offer electronic gaming machines, as well as live table games. Each Tribe is free to set their own limits on their machines. There are hundreds of jurisdictions in the world with Internet access and hundreds of different games and gambling opportunities available on the Internet. Also do the video poker games such as triple play poker have the same odds for all casinos or does each casino have the right to vary their own odds for the game.

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Idaho has six Indian casinos that offer electronic pull-tab machines and other video games. Do Indian Casinos have different payout rules. Indian casinos are not regulated, like the Las Vegas casinos. From the moment you sit down at a slot and enter your player card and cash, gambling gaming industry every movement you make is tracked automatically by the casino. John Robison is an expert on slot machines and how to play them.

This is one of the biggest cons in the gambling industry. This is a bit scary and it shows the lengths casinos will go to. Instead, they print out a receipt which must be exchanged for cash.

Do casinos have the right to change minor prize odds on multi-casino progressive-linked games, such as Megabucks or Wheel of Fortune, or are the odds set the same for all casinos. Have you ever walked past a progressive jackpot slot machine and stared in awe at the huge jackpot which is currently available and is running into the millions of dollars? Even if it were effortless to move the slot machine return up and down, it strikes me as a conspiracy theory to think the casinos would do that on a player by player basis. So contrary to popular belief a machine never goes hot or cold to get back in balance. Back in the day, pretty much every slot machine had an arm, or lever, that you pull to activate the spin.

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The law allows three casinos, in three different geographic regions, plus one slot parlor. This increases the yield on the machine for the casino, meaning they make more money. The casinos don't actually program the casinos to pay a certain percentage, but determine the weighting of the reels so that the theoretical return is whatever they wish. Are their paybacks the same as non-Indian casinos?

Do all resort casinos have the same payout ratio? Here in Las Vegas the casinos have to fill out a form every time they change the percentage on each game. From what I hear anything you can configure at the machine you can configure remotely through the server. The slot machines are a big piece of the profit puzzle so the casinos do everything they can to make them more profitable. The Wheel of Fortune game, with the big jackpot, I believe is also a proprietary game.

Good press can mean great sales. For purposes of electronic games it is the theoretical return the game is set to. The standard deviation in slots will vary substantially, so take these figures with a grain of salt.

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Between the surveillance and now this technology it seems to give the house too much of an edge. They worked the same way as they do now except each stop on each reel had an equal chance. These big machines often take up two to three times the amount of space compared to classic slots and tend to cost the casinos a lot more to keep them running. Sarah from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

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There is also a very large locals market in Las Vegas and those casinos are shown in the gaming revenue report as the Boulder Strip and North Las Vegas areas. Dirks from Spokane, Washington.

All electronic machines including slots, video poker and video keno are included in these numbers. Is the pay out regulated as overall per month or regulated per machine?

Any given line is equally likely to produce any given combination. It also offers pull tab machines, bingo, poker and a player-banked blackjack game where each player must pay a commission to the house for each bet that is made. Supreme Court decision legalized sports betting at all U. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Which are the best slots to play and is it better to play three coins all the time or rotate from coins.

Can you steer me in the right direction? The Central region includes Vicksburg and Natchez. Nothing found on the Internet, including eBay and Amazon. Downtown and Fremont Street- worth visiting?

Do Indian Casinos have different payout rules. - Las Vegas Forum

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Rather, they are classified by area. Rather, they are classified by region. In the short run, the actual return can be either much higher or lower than the theoretical return. Regulators are trying to have this outlawed but it will take some time. In either case, the gaming machines are not allowed to accept or payout in coins.

All the slot machines are new. Take slot machines with fixed payouts and listen, given the same number of players should produce the same frequency of sounds. Mid-level payouts are probably paid by the casino itself. If payout is overall, couldn't a casino adjust payouts for any machine at any time of day or week?