You might also check Old Iron Auction. Be sure chassis and engine serial numbers jibe with numbers on the document. If you can post some pics of how the fast hitch works on yours I would certainly appreciate it. Well, spice life dating site I've been waiting a long time for another one.

It always popped on the first crank and started on the second, and I had great fun hooking up the trailer and giving visiting city folks a real, bumpy, country hayride. Motorbooks International sells thousands of books and publishes scores of their own. As early as the s, farmer cops of a sort were hoisting Mr. But you can find used and still-working steel-bed spreaders in some farm yards, and new small-farm spreaders in homesteading equipment catalogs.

Look for dents - which usually aren't that hard to fix unless big, and holes - which are more of a problem. First, you need to answer three fundamental questions. You can introduce grit unless you take the time to do it right.

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Steel tires, runs good, new paint. If the answer is not that soon, then you can take some time to find needed parts, repair things, chick fat even rebuild the engine. It should run smoothly at both idle and full throttle.

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  • Wander around and look at the sheet metal.
  • After it warms up, take a look to see if it is smoking.
  • If they don't, don't worry too much, as brake repair on an H is pretty easy and doesn't require any major dismantling.
  • With enough weight to make it handle well.
  • Speaking of crank starting - this is a pretty dangerous procedure and can kill you under certain circumstances.
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If it is sound, you can add a cover and be in good shape. Today's corporate farmer is a heavy-equipment operator who knows more about hydraulics and diesel turbochargers than soil. Better to disc weedy residues lightly in fall, then plan on tilling or harrowing soil several times before planting in spring. Hydraulic pumps and pistons are easily ruined through simple neglect and are expensive to replace or repair. After You Start It First and foremost, kindred spirits dating site does it start?

On most old tractors it is reverse gear and a couple of wood blocks. In they became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tenneco. The key question is whether it is detergent or non-detergent.

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If most are red, its Farmall country. In particular, Farmall H's predate many modern safety enhancements such as roll-over protection systems. Their product was named the Farmall, though the McCormick and occasionally the Deering name were attached to one or another model. Ok, if you gave in and got it, you'll need a pretty serious trailer with brakes on it to safely haul an H. This does not tell you the exact date of manufacture, only what year the casting was poured.

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Before you actually drive it very far, check the brakes. It won't leave you with sore muscles from steering or clutching, and it has good road speed. Put another way, like all engine-powered machines of the day, really old farm tractors are prone to break down at the worst possible moment. The tractor had a drawbar at the rear.

46 Farmall H with a wishbone single wheel front end


Serial Numbers For IH tractors

The nose fits and looks fine till you stoop down and look in the hand crank hole and see that it doesn't line up with the crankshaft. Pistons could be bolted on anywhere to raise and lower heavy cultivators, plows, rakes, or lifting booms smoothly and effortlessly. Tractor steering is far from precise at its best. Makes and sells new homestead-scale implements at approximately the cost of used full-size including bu. But plowing doesn't have a whole lot to do with choosing an old tractor these days.

  1. Minneapolis-Moline resulted from the merger in of three Minnesota farm equipment companies.
  2. After the ride, check all around again and note any leaks in water hoses or around fuel tank, water or fuel pump, and any fresh oil seeps.
  3. If rear wheels wobble, it could be a bad hub, internal gear, bearing, or bent stub axle inside the iron axle housing.
  4. If pipe or cap are crusted with thick black crud, the engine oil hasn't been changed as often as it should.
  5. Several people have died as a result of this, don't take chances!

Used Farmall Tractors for Sale

That's why we want you to save money and trees by subscribing through our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan. Or, you can have your land plowed by a neighbor with a more modern rig. The sound is very impressive. The tractor confirms a commitment to a life on the land and to serious agriculture. Modern paper-element oil filters will be discolored, but don't be too concerned unless there's mud in the creases around the outside.

Antique International / Farmall Tractor - Farmall H

Repairing a flat tire requires a big jack, huge tire irons, and a strong back. Seemed they liked either singles or wide fronts. There is no attempt to impose order on what was in fact a wild chaos, and arrange it in alphabetical order. Try the hydraulics and other accessories. But many older hydrostatic systems operating short-stroke actuators only use engine oil or thick transmission fluid.

But because they were optional, don't panic if there is no evidence that the tractor ever had them - some came that way, and in fact, some even came without electric start. But, it was more important to be mortgage-free than keep a pet tractor. They should be able to stop it reasonably quickly. Lacking that barn, you'll need to buy a long shed to keep tractor and implements out of the weather.

But you should do well with any popular model of any familiar make. New paint, muffler, seat cover, and decals. It carries three tons of weight and a half-ton more if you fill the tires with freeze-proofed water. Also, if the rear wheels are set wide you may need to move one or both of them in so that it will fit on your trailer If they haven't been moved recently this can be an adventure.

Look also for evidence of past cracks that have been repaired - this doesn't necessarily represent a problem if properly repaired but could be a weak point. It now has the traditional dual wheel front end. Next, climb up on the operator's deck and check the steering for play how far does the steering wheel turn before the wheels start turning.

Check with a volt meter across the battery when the engine is running. So, the standards of reliability, fuel economy, and safety used in picking a car don't apply. Try all the controls and switches, especially hydraulics. Each time you disc, you kill a new crop of newly germinated weeds and bring a new batch of seeds and pests to the surface to be eaten by birds or killed by exposure.

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Antique International / Farmall Tractor Farmall H

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