Finding the Model and Serial Number

It has a two toned metal band, a white face, a date square. As far as iconic vintage divers go, I still consider this one to be a serious bargain. By the mid s, Seiko had already carved itself a solid reputation as a quartz watch manufacturer. As with many of the vintage Seiko models, the last digit of the reference number denotes the original market that the watch was intended for.

Here is the information on back. Thank you for posting so much information. You also need to know the six digit serial number, with the first two digits identifying the production year and month respectively. The crown is attached via a two-piece spring-loaded stem that makes the crown pop out a bit after unscrewing it.

An early from Oct left and a late production dating to Apr right. The numbers on the dial refer to the dial code and is not used for dating the watch. New to collecting Seiko divers? Can you help with info on a Seiko I got?

There's not much info on these otherwise. Hello, I spent a lot of time reading the postings after reading your article. This store never sells any fake watches of any brand, period. The movement has a quickset date-only mechanism. When faced with the above dilemma, hbr online the next logical choice would be to know the chronological order of the model.

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  2. The X series preceded the X series.
  3. Obviously, this is not going to be very helpful because the correct year of production has to be either one of them but not both!

Seiko marks the front dial and caseback codes differently for a reason. Thoughts on yellow face seiko diver? On legitimate dials the maker is clearly above the writing. It is Gold finish, with stainless back. Not listed here are the ladies and some mid-size divers.

Basically, it is the utilization of an event, a person, an object, language in a time when that event, person or object was not in existence. Other Divers other seiko divers. One of the best features of this vintage diver is its screw down crown and replaceable gaskets, making for excellent water resistance.

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Seiko Divers Reference

The movement and caseback number must be known before one can date a Seiko watch. An ironic turn of events given my recent mania. Its replacement caliber will of course, tinker online dating have different reference letters. You can try to find out the value of your Lassale watch by searching for it on eBay. Have its accuracy checked and the movement regulated for accurate timekeeping too.

Dead reckoning is similar to navigating your way at sea by orientating yourself with the heavenly objects like the sun, free dating websites australia moon and the stars. Variations include black dial and orange dials the orange dials are very rare. The key is in the watch markings. If you are able to determine that your mystery watch has a reference prefix e.

Seiko Date Finder
Seiko Production Date Calculator

The Top 10 Vintage Seiko Watches You Should Buy Now

And anachronism is the key to manually estimating the production date of your Seiko watch. Hi dez, You have one of those stylish, asymmetrical cased Seiko Kinetic sports watches. Fortunately, there is an alternative to the Production Date Calculator if it returns you erroneous or dubious results. The X's are unidirectional with clicks. Years ago my husband found a watch while he was demolishing an old building in Tasmania Australia.

Finding the Model and Serial Number

The Top 10 Vintage Seiko Watches You Should Buy Now

Later models were Hong Kong assembled until they were discontinued by the late s. The remaining four digits of the serial number indicate the production number for the watch. Please excuse this question regarding a watch I bought for my son. Follow Facebook Instagram Youtube. Automatic watches are purely mechanical and are not electronic.

Seiko 6138 Panda or Kakume
Affordable Vintage Seiko 6309

How to date the age of your Seiko Watch

As usual, I look forward to your invaluable advice. But the basic m diver that replaced the s maintain a similar look and feel to classic divers in the lineage. This applies to all current Seikos, from their most affordable generic quartz watches to the high end Grand Seikos.

How to tell when your Seiko watch was made (Part 1)

Watches that have lived a long rough life have a tendency to have faded dials and bezels, especially if the dial has been exposed to the sun daily for years. Questions relating to the production date of Seikos frequently pop up in various watch forums from time to time. Lastly, I have a titanium scuba m water resist date Seiko which I believe was a Japan only model, can you provide approx. It merely checks the first digit in the serial number the year of production and compares it with its internal table of calibers with the starting year. Anybody have pictures of Willard with his diver in Apocalypse Now?

The divers replaced the as the standard models of m divers. Denotes the year in the decade, not absolute year. If a King Seiko is still too much for your budget, this is your next best answer. Practically almost all manufacturers even the Guess fashion brand had moonphase dial watches back then.

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Knowing that, I will be on the lookout for a couple more unique items. They are large with large lume plots, and the minute hand has a big arrowhead at the tip. Having a common denominator the caseback code simplifies things for Seiko, in addition to cost savings by not having the caseback engraved with the exact dial code for every single variation made. Its solar panels are located behind the translucent dial like the surface of a white ping pong ball.


Affordable Vintage Seiko - Worn & Wound

Every watch has a unique combination of reference model number plus serial number. The current crop of Seiko divers all use the cal. The second digit denotes the production month.

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  • Your education, and that of one or two others, has shown me the absolute need to shop around for watches, especially via mail order.
  • One of the easiest things to look for in a fake dial is a date window with no bevel these are usually made to look like a Suwa dial, so the lack of bevel on the date window is pretty obvious.

The Top Vintage Seiko Watches

Without assistance from Seiko Japan, the task of collating the entire history of Seiko quartz movements and models are usually left to Seiko enthusiasts. Congratulations on buying both wow! So corrections, criticisms, suggestions, and feedback are always welcome and encouraged. My Mom tells me to research about it before i make drastic and impulsive decisions. There are no watch manufacturers that use uranium to light up the phosphorescent compound in the dark.

The page includes a calculator along with instructions and example images to help you find the movement caliber, case code and serial number on the back of your watch. Thank you for your support in the future. The sole difference between the two is the circular calendar sub-dial instead of the more conventional digital date in a window on the dial. You have one of the earliest Bell-Matic models, which is a rare occurrence. The first digit of the serial number tells you the last digit of the year the watch was made.

If I look at the family tree of professional Seiko divers, this model is my favorite. It has a quickset date-only mechanism. Their hands are similar to the ones on the divers, except smaller. The outside of the bezel has two rows of deep knurled grooves for a superior grip. The more owners come forward and share photos of their watches, the more accurate it becomes in determining the history of that model.

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