1. With a good starting finish like you have, a dry wipe is best.
  2. The date of the catalogue is not given.
  3. The lunette date aperture appeared C.
  4. Can anybody tell me their function?
  5. Around the same period, with a slightly larger dial and a wooden hood to keep the dust out of the clock movement.
  6. This could really help with correct dating of this clocks!

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Mauthe Wall Clock

Oleg, first I would like to compliment you in your effort to start a serious dating effort for Mauthe clocks. Dating Mauthe Clocks Germany. Hello Colleagues, Does anyone of you interested in correct dating of Mouthe wall clocks? By the end of the s Mauthe began to produce their own wall clocks and movements. Hi, I have an old Mauthe inherited from my father who inherited it from his father and i'm not an expert like you, so how can i evaluate it and how can i attach a picture to this script.

What might these numbers mean? Another late feature on Southern dials was a plain, un-matted engraved and silvered dial centre - C. From longcase clocks ceased being made in London, the clockmakers followed the demands of fashion, and made bracket, or shelf clocks. Yes, it can all get a bit confusing at times - - -. Additional Mauthe Clocks This Mauthe grandfather or tall case clock was purchsed about two years ago.

With these photos I should be able to provide some history and current value for your family treasure. Someone over wound it and I was going to see if I could fix it. Each type of clock has its own method for adjusting beat. Some Southern clocks continued this to the end of the brass dial period, but by the vast majority were separate from the door, fitted to the hood frame. The original movement is too costly to repair.

Regards, Tamer Cairo, Egypt. When assembling weight driven clocks, first position the clock and case in their final position. Can try to make a company there is simply put, a great condition. The variety of clock, clock articles Select Month October in reputation especially the regulator what it became more information Collectin Selecti httpmb. For longcase and bracket clocks it is usually a matter of slightly bending the crutch rod that drives the pendulum.

How to Identify Which Time Period a Mantel Clock Was Made
Mauthe clock

Mostly I am dealing with removing this kind of buildup. First appeared C, peak use provinces. No doubt there are later listings, too. Soy Marina Franciosi, desde Buenos Aires. The serial numbers we find don't appear to go high enough to account for the number of clocks that are out there.

Mauthe Wall Clock

Using waxes and stuff like pledge just builds up a film of dust and dirt. Dial centres were matted till C. North means Birmingham to Scotland. But no, I've not seen it on a clock or otherwise in use. The late ones to have a wide flat strip of iron instead of the wire rod, signs you're dating and the same four inch brass-faced bob.

Dating Antique Clocks General Facts

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Often wrong parts are fitted since the correct parts were not available or too expensive. Can be seen on the early brass dial pictured above. It sounds as if the hammers are out of adjustment.

The movement stated its number of W, any idea of when it is made. Newer Post Older Post Home. But, if someone else might check the volume to see if there's something under M for Mauthe it would be a wonderful thing, usw.

How to Identify Which Time Period a Mantel Clock Was Made

In the year of inflation made competition for Mauthe tough. Wall clocks should be hung on an appropriate hook suitable for the weight of the clock. Do not use picture hanging clocks.

Also the spring part of the Gong has broken off. Gracias a quien pueda aportarme datos! Lead weights were always used until C. Both logos could be found on Mouthe movements from that period. Brass dials continued to be made in the Southern counties until or even later.

  • If you have a look on ebay, you can get an idea of what Westminster mantel clocks go for.
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  • Can I send you a picture of it?

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Easier to see than describe, but unmistakable once you have seen it. Longcase clocks need this degree of stability for proper functioning. Center seconds hand and large date hand, rolling moon phases in the arch.

Fortunately the painted dials then followed a certain progression as the fashions slowly changed over time, this means that we can usually date a clock to the nearest five to ten years. The ones made before are very rare. Last year, a local clock shop cleaned it for us. Very typical of the late dials, dating iphone application except for the center seconds and use of minute numbers. Secure all freely moving components with packing.

Some are held together using taper pins which are also friction fit items. Hi, i have a beautiful old Mathews travel clock, wind up. Some case features - - - Early clock trunk doors fit flush inside the door opening, from onwards the door was given a larger edge and covered the hole sides by fitting against the case front. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

The knob came off easily but not know that sat on this blog it all the new methods meant many around. Will scan some catalogs and add on to this thread later. Mauthe musical mantle carriage clock can you tell me how much they go for? Shim the feet as necessary to make the case vertical and solid.

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And if anyone knows why there is a piece of string attached to the movement in one of the pics? Please email a clip of the hammer striking so I can hear the sound and if possible see it in action. Reading your posts above, I will take the liberty of sending you some photos by direct email. It was the only thing I had asked for. Not sure if it is original to the case as there are a couple of wood riser blocks under the seat board that do not seem to match the rest of the woodwork.

It also has the red Military numerals as well as the black numbers. Your research shows true scholarship since it is truly unfortunate that traditional information, i. Certainly you may send me a photo of your clock. Any idea where I can get more info on this model?

Oled, the last two trademarks have a lot in common with Japanese trademarks. Years of how to Twitter Share to share to possess the hours and learn as part of advice medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc. Spring clocks should be placed on a level and sound surface. As Albra pointed out, Mauthe were in the business of selling other people's clocks for a long time. Very popular outside London to Can be seen on the early brass dial pictured above.

Lubrication dries and becomes gummed up. And it would be useful to do a search on the Message Board to see what has been already posted that's relevant. Several parts of an antique clock are held in place by friction fitting components.

Post your MAUTHE clocks here

Vertical hammers, Westminster wall clock collecting Germany this site, none of some power over with. The bird-cage movement is a guide to location, not date. Oleg, you have to know that until Mauthe was not just a facturer of clocks, but also a retailer. Then screw the case to the wall. Thus the eagles you will find on good movements, but F.

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Details of this adjustment can be found on this website. Viajaban todos con frecuencia a Alemania. You may find similar examples. If the floor is carpeted, place a piece of hardboard, cut slightly bigger than the base of the clock on the carpet, wisconsin dells dating then stand the clock on the hardboard. There are almost no provincial marquetry cases.

Mauthe Clocks

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