Tax Stamp Dating

  1. Are there any labels indicating what kind or brand of liquor it is?
  2. Was given to me by a good Freind that recently went to the Country Club in the Sky.
  3. Front label only has lower right portion of label left.
  4. The high value of many revenue stamps means that they may contain security devices to prevent counterfeiting.

Although India is only one of several countries that have used tax stamps on legal documents, it was one of the most prolific users. Likely there is and it could denote when the bottle was made. In the Stanley Gibbons catalog, speed dating this type of stamp has an F prefix. One is record player with phonograph cork end very good condition. The neck of the bottle had metal lines down to the label.

  • There may also be date codes embossed in the bottom of the bottle.
  • After World War One, however, they declined in popularity, possibly due to being excluded from catalogues as the number of postage stamps issued rose rapidly and crowded revenues out.
  • Are they unique for each bottle or issued in batches with the same numbers?
  • Here you an post a photo of your bottle, tax stamps, and glass markings, and I can get you an accurate answer to this question!

How to Date a Bottle of Alcohol

How to Date a Bottle of Alcohol

Great work organizing all this info, Josh. If you can send me photos of bottom, front and back of the bottle I could help more. Is that enough info for an accurate date range? The Special Tax stamps persisted into the Twentieth Century.

How To Date A Bottle Of Whiskey

Take these with a grain of salt. They are issued by governments, national and local, 2d dating scan and by official bodies of various kinds. Do the numbers mean anything? Cambridge University Press. Search for your bottle by name in Google Books under the magazines.

What can you tell me about consuming whiskey from these older bottles? Redirected from Tax stamps. Please post photos for a more specific appraisal. Have they switched to a digital system? Does this have any monetary value or historical value to a museum?

From to sometime in the thirty-two cent manufactured tobacco stamps were used on snuff. This may be a reference to payment of the appropriate tax by the brewery. The yellow tag was furnished to be used on bales at hand at the time of the act, which were tax-fee. Is there a market for this stuff, and is it worth anything?

Any idea what that means and how old the scotch might be? Nothing I have found online seems to pinpoint exactly when this changeover occurred. Trying to establish date, just for fun.

Dating US Bottles Via Tax Stamps

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Only one seems to be above. Welfare recipients buying orange stamps at face value were eligible for free blue stamps for half the amount spent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Remnants of the worm in the bottom shows me that it must be very old. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel.

Are you trying to figure out what whiskey brand it is? Internal Revenue on both the left and right top of the strip, and Tax Paid on the lower left, Distilled Spirits on the lower right. Often the stamp will be fixed across a seal so that on opening the pack or bottle the stamp is destroyed.

Tax Stamp Dating

There were tax stamps for imported wines and malt liquors as well. Liquor had its own tax stamps. Also a state of Ohio department of liquor control stamp.

Those decanters are fairly common and depending on who made it, condition, actual age, etc. The polite woman at the visitor center placed me on hold to see if someone could assist me and to my surprise she returned to explain she had master distiller Jimmy Russell there to take my call! It has a beige tax strip with U.

Found a bottle of something special de luxe and trying to pinpoint the dating. Once I can review this, i should be able to give you a more definitive answer on the dating period. Help determining value of two Crown Royal bottles dating and with intact tax stamps.

Revenue stamp

It has separate words on stamp of Distilled on one side and spirits on the other. It has the red stamp over the top but no additional stamps. Any help would be much appreciated. What does Bottle Codes Means? If possible, please post a clear photo of your stamp in the Forums, and I get you an answer on it as soon as I see it!

Liquor tax stamp

One of the earliest uses of revenue stamps was to pay Court Fees. Revenue stamps by country. Revenue stamps are stamps used to collect taxes and fees.

For the next two years, until the act was declared unconstitutional, cotton farmers were given production allotments. Both ends of this strip are no longer there. Appreciate any light you might shed on the age. Lock seals and hydrometer labels are not tax stamps, but were used in enforcement of tax laws and are thus considered by many collectors as part of the taxpaid field. Typically businesses purchase the stamps from the government, and attach them to taxed items as part of putting the items on sale, or in the case of documents, as part of filling out the form.

Introduction to United States Taxpaid Revenue Stamps
Why is there a Tax Strip on my Whiskey Bottle

Dating US bottles via Tax Stamps

Perhaps one of them will construct an introduction that will supersede this one. Any other possible alternatives? There are a number of colorful labels for ales and beers that contain wording to the effect that taxes were paid according to applicable Internal Revenue Law. Though if the numbers have faded you can ball-park it by looking at the verbiage on the strip itself. The practice is almost entirely stopped now, partly due to the prevalence of forgeries which cost the issuing government revenue.

Could you help me with that? Best option is to open it up and see how it is. The stamp at the right is for Class A cigarettes, the most common type. In this illustration the stamp at the left is a stamp for five cigars priced at four to six cents.

Gold cap with three turkeys but no other labels. There is some numbers etched into the bottle, dating of fossils methods not sure how tobdecipher. It is one gallon and un-opened.

Where could I send images of the tax stamp to? The tax has been applied to contracts, tenancy agreements, wills etc. Cigarettes had comparable stamps.

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