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As per Catalog with the addition of the Gran Sport Extra rear derailleur and the Sport single pulley rear derailleur. The bad news is that the top tube looks pretty funky, still. Chainring bolts and dust caps. Hammered Le Martele Lefol fenders, wordpress dating hammered rear lamp. The components were added by the local bike shop or by the buyer.

We will do the best we can to describe the condition of the items we list. The good news is that underneath the oxidation was nice silver-colored steel, with no rust visible at all. Campagnolo C-Record Front derailleur Clamp on. Campagnolo Nuovo Tipo Hubs High flanges. Campagnolo is the best source for the most accurate information.

Crankbased For the love of vintage bicycles. It is your responsibility to request insurance at time of payment. This seems to mesh with the derailleur codes above. The shoes could be adjusted for roll, pitch, and yaw, christian scotland and the entire brake body could be slid up or down on the mount. The races are pressed onto the spindle rather than machined directly on the spindle itself.

Fueled by this first realization, and with the help of other bike folks, Larry and I have sorted out other codes a project still ongoing. Atom hub with Huret wingnuts. Feel free to quote small parts of the information on this page, but copyright law requires Vintage-Trek.

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  1. The buyer agrees to pay shipping.
  2. The crankset is in a really-really great shape.
  3. The b lackbirdsf site also has photos of a variety of duralumin frames of various manufacturers, including Aviac and Barra, as well as Meca Dural.
  4. It is the same thing here.

They are used but beautiful. Vintage and modern bicycle parts. New components often were used.

Will ship worldwide upon confirmed payment. If I make a mistake I will be the first admit it and make some sort of refund. If you have any other questions. New style clamp-on bottom bracket cable guide open cable run to front derailleur and cable housing stop eliminated from Record front derailleur chrome-plated bronze arms and then aluminum arms. The Normandy Luxe Competition hubs we have seen have no stamped information, but were marked with gold or red stickers on their barrels.

Trek owner Larry Osborn made this observation, and suggested this as a supplementary way of dating a Trek and other bikes as well. The subcontractors may have used their own dating systems, as changing to a standardized Sugino system would add extra cost and perhaps confusion at the subcontractor's plant. This makes dating the components an interesting archeological investigation, but one not necessarily related to the date of the bike. Campagnolo Mountain bike Brake levers. Up for sale is this vintage campagnolo record crankset.

Campagnolo Titanium Bottom bracket Super Record. So if you really cherish what you ride, you have found the beautiful crankset. Campagnolo Nuovo Record Crankset. See my other auctions for other Japanese.

Bike Wheels and Groupsets

Campagnolo Veloce Front derailleur Clamp on. The arms were in good shape and not abused. Vintage Campagnolo used record crank set off my DeRosa bicycle.

When you receive the item, if they are any problem, tell us and we work to resolve the trouble. Campagnolo Gran sport Small part Clamp. Chain slack was taken up by ratcheting the rear axle forwards or backwards in the toothed droupout. Included for the Record group is the Nuovo Record alloy rear derailleur ten tooth pulleys and then later, nine tooth pulleys and the Nuovo Record bottom bracket rifled axle aperture cups.

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Feel free to ask any question. Campagnolo Record Hubs High flanges.

Dating campagnolo parts

Campy CDA crank date code

  • Campagnolo Model Schaltung Rear derailleur.
  • The code is stamped near the center of the hub body.
  • Many scratches on the back of the chain rings.

Campagnolo C Record Brakes Delta. Campagnolo Victory Triomphe Rear derailleur. Combined shipping its fine.


Please also note when installing spacers, the most common practice on a double crankarm is to insert them between the large chainring and the crankarm. Please see my other auctions! The large chainring has a tiny post added at the crank arm location so an unshipped chain can't get jammed in the space between the crank and the chainring.

Campy Notes - AstroCycloAlpineWorld

International prices subject to change depending on country when buying more than one item. Sunshine and Sansin hubs were made by the same company. Society Of Three Speeds Preserving, enjoying, and riding three speed hub-geared bicycles. We accept payment by Paypal only.

Is it a result of Sugino subcontracting out the manufacture of some crank models at various times? The Super Record rear derailleur is introduced. Any questions please ask in advance.

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Note that six-speed freewheels are not commonplace until the mids! All bicycle parts I sell are used vintage items with no implied warranty or responsibility for failure during use. Tullio Campagnolo is appointed to the Cavaliere del Lavoro Italy's highest honor to a businessman by the President of the Italian republic. This would appear to be an open date of - January.

The code is on the outer flange or the center shaft of hubs, on the backside of crank arms, below the insertion mark on at least some seatposts, and on chainwheels. The date codes each covered a period of three months i. However, the biggest challenge will be determining whether the paint damage and oxidation to the top tube will mean having to re-paint the frame, something I am loathe to do.

Vintage bikes and bicycle parts

Portland Oregon USA

No further Parts Catalogs exist for years after due to a largely un-followed plan for Dealers to request updated pages as needed. Shoe rub on the non drive pedal. This one features Nuovo Record rings and gorgeous flutes. Upon closer examination, I have concluded that the wheels are not original to the frame. The insurance cover lost or damaged goods.

Sheldon Brown s Bicycle Crank/Chainring Bolt Circle Diameter Crib Sheet

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