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  1. No one is asking you to donate blood.
  2. Get your nerd blood tested, you nerd.
  3. Mikan were peeled by four family members with different blood types.
  4. Though there are a lot of positives to B types, people tend to focus on the negatives for reasons we'll get into later.
  5. So if our blood can influence the way we behave and our life path this means it has something to do with our love life too.

Japanese Blood Type Personality Theory And You

Asking one's blood type is common in Japan, and people are often surprised when a non-Japanese does not know their own blood type. The most popular use of blood types is in the dating scene. It is Saturday night and a speed dating session is under way in a small building in the backstreets of Tokyo. And how they are related to the world of dating, marriage, and red-blooded fornication in Japan.

Blood types also help Japanese people decide if they're good match, romantically or otherwise. And it is not really a lack of information, it is just impossible to know these unobservable, other possibilities. It's clear that this series of events created a lot a lot!

In addition, out it is common for video game series to allow for blood type as an option in their creation modes. You might be wondering which blood types get along with each other. It turned out the company president really cared.

They'll have a good relationship as long as they don't get in each other's way. Plus there's a lot of romance tied in with blood types, so that works perfectly in stories. One says she decided to narrow down her search for a boyfriend after a bad experience with a man with type B.

The Curious Japanese Obsession With Blood Types

To get a clearer idea of how these blood type personalities play out, here's a picture from Twitter that demonstrates it well. And don't worry if you're positive or negative. Yumi was using a generalization about Japan.

Interest in the theory faded in the s. Its not that bad, it is supposed to be a blood type od Jesus and many spiritual leaders. In addition, according to one Japanese survey, more than half of Japanese people are fond of talking about blood type and personality.

For more details, check out their page about personalities and tendencies for each blood type. She'd obviously had a bad experience with a B type blood person. Blood type descriptors play a more important role in Japan than any other astrological, zodiac concept. My blood type is B, the most disadvantaged type in Japan.

Blood Type Personality Traits in Asia

Nigerians and Filipinos are immigrating due to current economic situations. Minority blood types like B are starting to push back. But when they are, boy oh boy, watch out! They are first best friends, writing about yourself on then lovers.

My friend and one of my sisters with blood type B are pretty assertive and I often find myself trying not to take what they say personally. This girl is said to be a social butterfly and very popular. If xenophobic, irrational racists avoid traveling to Japan, then a good thing would have been done, but this final point is non-sequitur. It is believed that besides psychological, graphics there is physiological blood type love compatibility too.

One of the reasons Japan developed the blood type personality indicator theory was in reaction against ethnic stereotypes coming from Europe. Blood type relationship pairings don't have to be romantic. Whether or not you believe blood types affect personalities, you can still have fun with this part of Japanese culture. But if they don't, this pairing could be the worst.

  • There is a widespread belief that blood type determines personality, with implications for life, work and love.
  • So if you can hide behind blood types you can then tell someone indirectly what you think about them.
  • Blood type can have an effect on professional as well as personal life.
  • Blood types are referred to when gauging compatibility with a potential partner in all aspects of dating.

Agricultural people are the root of blood type A, and it's been said working collaboratively on farms developed these blood type personality traits. It's clear that these blood type theories are not real or based on any science. Nawata came to the conclusion that there is actually no relevance of blood type for personality. How it all started with blood type based love compatibility?

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Blood Type Stereotypes when Dating Japanese Girls

Blood Type Personality Traits in Asia

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Blood Types in Japan

Learn your facts beforehand. If you can hide behind blood types you can then tell someone indirectly what you think about them Prof Jeff Kingston. So in recent years, these shows have been receiving more and more complaints. At the interview for my first job they asked me about my blood type. The series was a huge success, and total sales of the series reached nearly million copies.

The harm comes from erasing identities, hook up phone jack leading to further discrimination. These two naturally respect each other's wishes. Here we take a good look at blood types from a guys point of view.


Is there science involved in blood type love compatibility? He suggests that the reason for the popularity of blood typology in Japan is because the Japanese are genetically quite a homogeneous race, but don't want to seem the same. More articles by Yumi Nakata.

Blood Types in Japan

Understanding manga and anime. But in the real world some features get a lot of attention while others are totally ignored. The blood types of celebrities are listed in their infoboxes on Japanese Wikipedia.

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To say O-type is laid back, there is a missing link for this. But that is most likely just my confirmation bias taking over. Each type has its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

If you get a chance to interview for a Japanese company or have a Japanese boss, remember you don't have to answer those questions. They reported that type O people were most stress-resistant. As a modern nation rooted in science and technology, you might expect old-fashioned, non-scientific beliefs about blood types to get left behind in Japan.

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