What does Elizabeth's family pride themselves on? Why does Lizzy want to find a special present for Ciel? Who was in the Principal's place at the walk through of ruled for Ciel at Weston? What is Sebastians Weapon. What is MadamRed real name?

What was William's gpa average at the beginning of their first reaping? In which episode did Undertaker first appear? In the anime, who betrayed Ciel when he was arrested for drug trafficking? In the ova episode welcome to the phantomhives, Sebastian tells the lady to stay in the room, military does she stay in the room? What is Ciel's aunt's real name?

  1. What color did Madame Red hate?
  2. At what time does students at Weston start their classes?
  3. Who is Fred Abberline according to Edward Abberline?
  4. What is the phrase you most often hear Ciel saying?

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Ciel was born in what year? Upon entering the Violet wolf dorms to investigate, what welcome did Ciel recieve? What is a shinigami's weakness according to the manga?

In the first ending, dating someone with anxiety what country is on the board from which Sebastian is teaching Ciel? What's Madam Red's real name? What is the name of Ciel's betrothed?

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Ciel has the pentacle emblem on his what

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Who was the mysterious principal in Kuroshitsuji Manga Black Butler. What is the correct way to spell the main character of Black Butler's name? Are Ciel and his butler dating? Why did Ciel name his butler Sebastian Michaels?

Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Dating Quiz

Black Butler Quiz

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Who is Aleister Chamber according to Edgar Redmond? You dare call yourselves English gentlemen? What is the nickname given for the greatest glasses customizer in the shinigami realm? What was Ronald's part in Ciel in wonderland? From what nursery rhyme does the melody used throughout the show come?

In the manga, mobile what did Sebastian first think of Ciel upon their first meeting? Which relative of Ciel's also had asthma? Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. Who injured Sebastian on the cruise liner?

In the episode where Lizzy decorates the manor and they have a ball, who does she dress up in cat ears? What was the symbol of Sebastian and Claude's pact with each other? What is the result if the Contract Seal is in a more visible location?

  • What was Grelle's gpa average at the beginning of their first reaping?
  • Phantomhive Manor Murders.
  • What realation is the Vicount Druitt to Arnold Trancy?
  • Who turned Ciel into a demon?

What did Ciel let Pluto smell to help track down Lizzy? What happened to Ciel's parents? What is the title given to the Undertaker according to the manga? Who was the murderer in the Jack The Ripper case? What is Elizabeth secretly good at?

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In the tour of the Phantomhive manor extra, who was the person sent to kill Ciel? Who had a higher grade average? Who threw Ciel's family ring out the window? What was the subject that Grelle was best at in the Academy for reapers? By using Fanpop, does she want to date you agree to our use of cookies.

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