Meanwhile, Bender hangs out with the robot fraternity of his college days when he majored in Bending and minored in Robo-American Studies. Professor Farnsworth describes Bender to be constructed of an alloy of iron and osmium. Leela and Amy were just emerging from the bathroom when they heard Bender yelling.

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He gently closed the door, leaving the couple to sleep at ease until tomorrow, list of absolutely when he planned to tease the living hell out of them. Bender makes cameo appearances in several Family Guy episodes. Sideshow Bob Kent Brockman Mr. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account.

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Unless your afraid of laughing till you explode please give this collection a watch. However, the Professor immediately informs Amy's parents and then calls Reverend Preacherbot to deal with Bender, who is sent to a robosexual rehabilitation camp. After all, it was I who helped you win her back. Likewise, his taste in fem-bot partners does not seem to be affected by the fem-bot's height or weight, and he is shown numerous times chasing fem-bots of all builds. Because it is frowned upon, they keep quiet about their relationship, more fish even to their friends and co-workers.

Running seemed to be his only solution at the moment. Cohen named it as one of his favorite episodes of the sixth season. Bender quickly walked away from Amy, causing her to fall onto her stomach.

Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. To fight against this, Bender and Amy launch a campaign for the legalization of robosexual marriage. While bailing Bender out of jail after he was arrested for vandalism, Amy flirts with several inmates. George Takei returns as a guest star, dating alone hani sub voicing himself.

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  1. Leela glared at Bender as he laughed hysterically.
  2. Matt Groening and David X.
  3. John Goodman as Santa Claus.
  4. Scared of dying, Fry and Bender turn on Zapp and make Leela captain again.
  5. The second season balances out the character's actions in a way that allows the viewer to see both their adventures and their feelings.

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Two figures were seen lying on Bender's bed beneath a blanket. Kif also felt guilt-ridden for raising his voice at Amy, but he knew he had to admit what he was feeling, even if it meant yelling at her. Namespaces Page Discussion.

Put Your Head on My Shoulders. Professor Farnsworth immediately disapproves, whereas the rest of the crew accepts Bender and Amy's relationship. Amy, fully understanding what the robot had in mind, nz 100 free grinned and grabbed his hand. It seems that all she wants is for me to be bad.

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During the Planet Express company vacation, the whole crew goes on a luxury space cruise. Something about you just makes you different from anyone else I've ever dated. Leela helped Amy onto her feet, leading her over to the couch. Development This section is in need of a cleanup.

  • He is once able to attach a magnetic small faux-beard underneath his mouth without breaking into song.
  • Bender had his right arm enveloped around Amy, his other resting behind his head.
  • Amy was lying on top of Bender's chest with her eyes closed, a smile across her face.

Fry gets thirsty on the tour and falls into the Slurm river, so Leela and Bender try to save him. While at her parent's Mars ranch, Amy is saved by Fry, who poses as her new beau. After he visits the head museum and has a binary number nightmare, he decides he wants his body back.

The next day the proposition is approved. The robot paused for a moment when he noticed Amy's face was reddened and stained with tears. Amy loses hope, but Bender says that they will win due to his upcoming debate against Professor Farnsworth, the leader of the Proposition Infinity opposition. Not enough ratings to calculate a score.

With a shrug, Bender went on his merry way out the door. Though the episode satirizes arguments for same-sex marriage, it leans favorably toward the idea of allowing same-sex marriage. Amy is better off with another meatbag anyway! Fry and I are going on a date tomorrow night.

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Both girls stood and watched as the scene played out. He is prone to using Zoidberg in various get-rich-quick schemes, although it is probable he does not consider Dr. He ends up sharing a room with the Professor's super-intelligent experimental monkey, Guenter. After waiting a moment, Fry slowly cracked open the door. For that alone, this would be four stars.

We're dating, and we're happy as can be. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Cohen noted that the writing team had tried to maintain robosexual relationships as a taboo throughout the series.

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The red head never witnessed his friend feel so embarrassed. Bender was shocked at first, but it didn't take long for him to give in. Amy turns around and stomps off. List of Futurama episodes.

Maybe she'll be green like you are, or maybe even purple! He also once stole Amy's earrings while giving her a hug. She got up from the couch and placed a hand on Amy's shoulder. You don't need to tell me. When I try to be myself, she doesn't enjoy it as much as when I act tough.

When their waiter arrived, everyone ordered their meals. He eventually makes a deal with the Robot Devil to get a new body. The relationship between Bender and Amy Wong is a recurring theme on Futurama. Her clothes were scattered across the room, so Fry had a good notion as to what they were doing before he arrived back. The figures, of course, were Bender and Amy.

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Best of Netflix Movies and shows to binge now. Nooooo, she just had to go with me! As they waited for their dinner, Fry tried to strike up a conversation. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

Proposition Infinity

Titanium becomes worth a lot of money, so Bender sells his body and tries to live as just a head. Rise up so early in the morn! However, in one episode, he shows next to no patience as a one-time joke.

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